2016 Project updates!

2016-02-08 23:14:00 by BradRedfield

Hey guys. Another year goes by and so here's an update on what I'm working on:

Sprawland - An action series using elements from my previous original works. I'm currently aiming for a late March release on YouTube with eight weekly installments and I will combine the minsodes into two larger chunks to upload here in May.

Mirrornean - A supernatural series in the vein of my old Ghostbusters cartoons. I'm animating this between episodes of Sprawland. I hope to have it out before summer.

Untitled Action/Comedy project - This is something I'm currently developing after I finish up Mirrornean. I'm aiming for this to be more comedic than my other two projects.

That's about it for now!

Project updates!

2015-03-22 23:54:05 by BradRedfield


It's been awhile since I've been here last (okay, two years is a wee bit longer than 'awhile') but I decided to try and concentrate on putting my content on here (as opposed to my YouTube account, especially after losing my 2000+ subscribers after my initial account was hacked, deleted and lost to time) so I think an update concerning what I'm currently doing is in order.

Status on Monster Raiders:

This was the last project I posted here on NG back in May of 2013. Unfortunately, due to a mixture of poor planning concerning writing and style choices, I've had to cancel the series. I'm very, VERY sorry to those of you who were waiting for EP3! Sorry guys!

I greatly enjoyed working with the VA talent and the series gave me some experience in writing for original material but things just didn't pan out as I hoped.

Which leads me to my other two projects I'm currently working on:



This is another action series in a similar style to Monster Raiders; it even reuses characters and ideas I've had for the series (the tanuki protagonist for one) and mixes them with other characters and concepts I've had for other stuff in the past including Sprawl Metropolis, another original series I attempted to make but only got one episode out of WAY back in 2006.

The format of the series will be in small, two-minute minisodes that make up story arcs. The visual style of the series will be much more simplistic than my past work and is heavily based on Nintendo's Paper Mario series of games just, y'know, without the 'paper' gimmick. If you're interested, you can check out two visual tests on my YouTube channel:



I'm hoping that the short runtimes and simpler animation style will allow me to get more content out in a timely fashion. My other project will be using the same style as well.

As for voice talent, the two main VAs from MonsterRaiders (EileMonty and codeblackhayate) will be returning to voice the redone versions of their characters. SeiyruRenaih is returning from Sprawl Metropolis in a role that is pretty much a 'reincarnated' version of the character he played in that cartoon.

I'm currently casting the rest of the roles for the first story arc and hope to have those roles filled in soon.

I hope to have the first set of episodes for Sprawland done by the end of the year.


Now for my other project--


Mirrornean - Chameleon Magician Muriane:


If you take a gander through my portfolio of toons, you'll see some Ghostbusters stuff in there. Think of this series as a sort of spiritual successor to that, just like Sprawland is to Monster Raiders and Sprawl Metropolis.

The focus of this show is less on action (at least past the first episode) and more on exploring the supernatural. This is a female-heavy series and I hope to explore different types of paranormal phenomenon that be anything from haunted dolls to interdimensional beings waging war on alternate dimensions. Whereas Sprawland is mainly a action/comedy series, Mirrornean will (hopefully) have range of story types that can anything from a comedy to straight-up horror. (You can see a preview showing this off in the show's old style before I switched things over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuEg-Vwg5_I)

As for how the show will be written, it'll start out how my older cartoons are-- five to eight minutes in length. Starting with the third story, however, I will be using the minisode structure of Sprawland. The show's visual style, as I've said before, will use the same 'Paper Mario'-esque style that Sprawland will be using.

As for the voice talent, here are the players so far:

Muriane - AdoxographistVA

Canis - Krista Kangas

Fiona - ChibiSammii

Golem - Kimberley

They've all been fantastic so far! You can check out an audio test between the two main characters on my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qusQX0mvCA

I was hoping to have the first episode done by the end of this month but in order to make sure things are up to par, I've had to delay the release till the end of next month. I hope to have EP2 done by late May, early June as well.


I think that about wraps things up with what I'm doing. Again, I like to apologize to those of you who were waiting for more Monster Raiders!

- Brad